A kitchen from the heart

L’Onada Boja is a gourmet cuisine and slate menu almost all year round. In the summer season, it’s important for us to make you discover fresh and colorful dishes. In winter, we offer you warmer and more comforting dishes, cooked with fresh and tasty products. Throughout the year, we select good wines to revive your taste buds!

« The two secrets of success :
Quality and creativity. »

Paul Bocuse - 3 Michelin Star Chefs (1926 - 2018)

Freshness . Authenticity

We only serve fresh, ethic, affordable and qualitative food and we do that with good vibes, music and a travel spirit. Come share a delicious meal for lunch or dinner, with ease. You will always be surprised by the many events organized in this friendly and cosy environment.
Eating well and feeling good, it’s what motivate us and inspire us. The concept of l’Onada Boja, as you will understand, is a fine and fresh homemade cuisine. We recommend you to try our house specialties, “homemade” desserts and pastries, made with heart and love of tasty food.

Responsible cuisine

Research, creativity and innovation brings our menus to life. Great collaborations with producers and breeders, allow us on a daily basis, to serve the best products with respect, kindness and friendliness. We like to develop and concoct dishes made from the best breeding, where the peasants take great care of their animals until the end of their diet (hay, barley, cereals …); the same goes for our fishermen who are invested, committed and passionate about their profession. The fish wholesaler, like the breeder, offer us the possibility of transforming into the kitchen with our chef, wonderful products with finesse and joy.

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The Chef Clément Beauquis

Our chef Clément Beauquis is a cuisine philanthropist, mixing traditional tastes and flavors from all over the world in his cuisine. He knows how to explore and innovate with each product, recipe, and food with simplicity and mastery … « Like us, Clément Beauquis is a globetrotter. » Our chef is driven by the passion for “eating well” and the desire to constantly explore styles, with simplicity, technique and uniqueness.

At l’Onada Boja you will find all kinds of culinary varieties, through creative and innovative slates made with love and passion in a cocoon of luminous energies !

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